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1 de Noviembre 2006

Route du Rhum - Live Sailing Race in Google Earth

Route du Rhum sailing race in Google EarthThe Route du Rhum is a solo sailing race from France to Guadaloupe in the Caribbean which is held every four years. It just started on Sunday and the course goes over 3500 miles across the Atlantic. Some of these boats are very fast, so you may be amazed how far they've gone already. Fortunately, ESRI France (ESRI is the maker of the most popular GIS applications) has released a Google Earth file to follow the race . Each boat is armed with a GPS so the race organizers can keep track of their positions and the tracks they have taken. There are quite a few boats in this race, and boats are in several different classes. The leaders are in large 60 foot trimarans which look like this. The official web site for the race has more pictures, news, and race information.

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