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17 de Noviembre 2006

Mini News Roundup - Tagzania, Teacher Aid

  • Tagzania Update - Tagzania is an excellent Google Maps mashup which lets you mark places, tag them, and easily share the locations with anyone. You can even easily embed your own Google Maps in your blog/web site. I especially like that they fully support Google Earth as well. They have just posted in their blog that they have added support for two other virtual globes - Microsofts Virtual Earth 3D, and NASA's World Wind. So, now you can choose the KML button for Google Earth, or two other options to view tagged locations in 3D worlds.
  • Teacher Aid - Educause has posted a PDF document called "7 Things You Should Know About Google Earth". This is a well-written summary giving a basic overview of reasons for using Google Earth in education. But, as a PDF document with no links, it doesn't take the teacher to the next step. via OgleEarth. For more information on educational uses of Google Earth, read this article.

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