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7 de Noviembre 2006

Crop Circles in Google Earth

Pac Man Crop Circle in Google EarthA while back I mentioned this collection, but never properly did a dedicated blog entry on it. Crop Circles are formed by "stomping" down crop vegetation to form shapes when viewed from the air. There is a collection of placemarks which show some interesting crop circles around the world (this collection currently shows mostly those in the UK). One of the most popular in the collection is the "Pac Man" crop circle (as shown in the screenshot). If you know of other crop circles, you should post them to the forum thread here which is maintained by 'Cyclonic' (who also does the planes in flight collection).

My favorite crop circle project to read about is the one where a bunch of Firefox browser fans created the Firefox logo in a crop field. Read about it here and see an image overlay I created showing the creation in Google Earth.

Here's an interesting web site about people who create crop circles with instructions on how to go about it - circlemakers.org.

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    I tried to make a crop circle in field of rice, it didn't work, plus I almost drowned. I don't recommend you try it.

    Enviado por: Nick Young at 10 de Noviembre 2006 a las 01:03 AM

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