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30 de Noviembre 2006

Book Recommendation: "Off the Map"

Off the Map book by James and Alex TurnbullThis book makes a great Christmas gift. The book is by the guys at GoogleSightseeing.com - a blog which shows interesting sites found in the Google Earth and Google Maps imagery. I just received a copy of the book and wanted to show you a short video clip of what it looks like:

James and Alex Turnbull are brothers who created the site and decided to publish a book with a sample of their content. They got permission to publish high quality prints of the satellite photos and the book is called "Off the Map - The Most Amazing Sights on Earth as Seen by Satellite". In the UK the same book will go by "Not in the Guide Book - The wackiest sights in Google Earth, as seen by Googlesightseeing.com". The book contains nearly 100 amazing sights of the Earth from satellite photos with information about each sight. The photos look fantastic on the page. It's still better to look at them with Google Earth, but it makes you better appreciate the quality of the photos to see them in print. Give this book out to folks who don't understand why you like Google Earth or Maps so much.

The book is now available through Amazon, which you can buy here. I highly recommend it. I'm ordering a few for Christmas gifts!

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    Thanks for the video review. I think its a great gift for non-techies who may not know about the wonders of Google Earth & Google Maps.
    I used an app of mine to get the similarity web for this book-- some interesting other books as well:

    Apparently I should start watching 'curb your enthusiasm'...everyone else buying this book is. :)

    Enviado por: Pamela Fox at 1 de Diciembre 2006 a las 02:22 PM

    Looks great - I also recent saw another book similar to this but it also points out more to do with the impact of climate change and man on the planet. It's called Fragile Earth -here's the link to it on amazon...


    The images in it are pretty amazing and it really proves that global warming is having a huge impact...would make a great Xmas present for anyone doubting all the stories in the news...

    Enviado por: cara at 12 de Diciembre 2006 a las 08:21 AM

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