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16 de Noviembre 2006

Bill Gates Says "Google Earth is Fantastic!"

Bill Gates was interviewed by Charlie Rose in front of a Stanford University audience for TechNet yesterday (15-November). During the interview (more details at eweek) Bill Gates states (my emphasis):

"I've been told that Google is the company most like ours. That may be true. Well, we overlap in a lot of areas. We're both software companies, so we're competing on a lot of levels. They hire a lot of smart people, we hire a lot of smart people. Google Earth is fantastic; what they do is free and a huge benefit to all. They're very good at knowing how to use high traffic at their sites and turning it into profit."

My sentiments exactly! (via AllPoinstBlog)

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    Nice. My grudge has never been against Bill Gates specifically, but against microsoft in general. I don't think its all his fault that the standard OS in the world is CRAP. That's why I'm waiting for Google OS.

    Enviado por: deathcamel at 17 de Noviembre 2006 a las 09:51 AM

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