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2 de Noviembre 2006

Baseball, 3D Stadiums, Videos, and Google Earth

What do these things have in common? As mentioned in September, Google has been quietly adding realistic high-quality 3D models of buildings to the Google 3DWarehouse. They have a number of the Major League Baseball stadiums available for Google Earth 4 (make sure you download the latest version of GE which was just released November 1st).

Google has worked some with a company called Transvideo Studios, also in Mountain View, to create professional videos showing flying tours of Google Earth scenes like the MLB baseball stadiums. Here is an example of the Anaheim stadium on Google Video (note that the broadcast video is higher quality than what you see here):

Apparently the stadium management liked it enough they have shown it on their big screen during games. The stadium video (and others like it) were produced by Ricardo Andrade and David Sabin at Transvideo. The MLB stadiums were built by modeling pros at Google's SketchUp.

Transvideo specializes in optimizing Google Earth animations for video and broadcast, both in SD and HD formats. I know Google has also used them for other projects like this X PRIZE Cup video. And they did the video seen at Google's keynote at CES show back in January.

Recently Google added a movie making capability to the basic Google Earth Pro (the movie module formerly cost an extra $200). You can definitely make good quality videos for viewing online. However, there are many techniques required to make a professional rendering of broadcast quality. Transvideo is one outfit with demonstrated experience.

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    That was a best view to watch a baseball stadium. Well I downloaded the latest version of GE which is just something special.Now you can draw paths and polygons moreover it is also available in the free version. Good work done by Transvideo Studios.

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