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20 de Noviembre 2006

Animating 3D Models - New Examples

Blue Marble time animation in Google EarthOne unexpected benefit with the new time animation feature in GE 4 is the new life it has breathed into 3D models. A couple of the regular Google Earth 3D model innovators have been doing a number of interesting things like this new Ferris Wheel animation by 'barnabu' who posted this at the Google Earth Community. After you load it (you must have a recent version of GE 4 - version 4.0.2091 or greater), you should see the time slider gadget in the upper part of your screen. You may need to adjust your view slightly to see the models properly. Make sure the slider is set to its smallest size. Select the triangular-shaped right arrow play button on the right side of the time gadget to start the animation. The first time through it has to load the sequence. Select the clock button on the left to bring up a panel to adjust the "Animation Speed".

Another neat example, just posted by 'jpwade' at the GEC is an animation showing a ship passing through the Panama Canal. . Once again hit the time animation play button (as described above). If you zoom in to the canal while it is animating you can see the gates open and close, the water rise, and the ship move through. These guys are just having too much fun I think!

Other examples of animating 3D models:

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