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15 de Noviembre 2006

Amazon Indians Using Google Earth to Protect Tropical Forests

Amazon Indians Using Google EarthThis is a great story! A non-profit organization called the Amazon Conservation Team (ACT) has been providing Amazon Indian natives (who know the tropical forests better than anyone) with GPS hand-held units and Google Earth so they can help keep track of illegal mining and tree cutting on their lands. Since Google has updated many of the areas with higher resolution, it has even been possible now to identify illegal mine sites in the satellite photos. The Indians are using the GPSes to mark location where roads, airports, and mining operations are located deep in the tropical forests. They then put the locations into Google Earth and are sharing the data with government officials to track down the illegal operations. Apparently, members of the Google Earth team have been helping them out. What a perfect example of combining technology with traditional hunting and land knowledge to help reduce environmental destruction and exploitation!

Read more details here at Mongabay.com.

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