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29 de Noviembre 2006

3D Roundup: Buildings, Animations

  • Making 3D Buildings - Sebastian Strzalkowski pointed me to his blog entry about his experiments with making quality 3D buildings with textures. He explores the concept I had mentioned of using photos from Microsoft's Bird's Eye views to make buildings. In his case, he ends up using some old 3D modeling program he had around to produce his results. He also speculates about the future of new automated 3D building rendering capabilities being used by Microsoft for Virtual Earth 3D and Photosynth. A worthwhile read if you are into 3D buildings. Or, you could just look at the 3D buildings he created. Thanks Sebastian!

  • Creole Queen paddle boat in Google Earth3D Time Animations - 'jpwade' at the Google Earth Community (GEC) continues to have fun with using the time features to create 3D animations. Check out his lates animations:
    1. Soyuz rocket launch (see his post for instructions)
    2. Bayou Teche Swing Bridge (see post - it shows a barge headed up a river).
    3. Creole Queen (see instructions) paddle boat headed up the Mississippi River. The paddle animates as the boat moves along. This is my favorite.

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