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10 de Octubre 2006

Space Atlas for Google Earth

Space Atlas in Google EarthThe Google Earth Space Atlas was put together in honor of the Wirefly X PRIZE Cup. The concept is to have to have one location for a map of Google Earth placemarks for anything space-related on the Earth. We have pulled together collections from the Google Earth Community, asked for help from Space.com, and created a wealth of new material. Included are placemarks to space centers of many countries, launch sites, space museums, planetariums, moon trees, meteor impact craters, space shuttle landing sites, and more (See below for a list). Check out the Space Atlas now . Click on the placemarks for more information, and look at the Space Atlas folder in your Places pane to turn on the many other collections available.

Included are:

  • Map of worldwide space centers - ESA, NASA, Russia, China, Japan, India
  • Visible Rockets - a growing collections of rockets visible in GE's satellite photos
  • Space Shuttle Landing Sites
  • Meteor Craters - known locations of impact craters on the earth - several collections
  • Kennedy Space Center map with multimedia content
  • Space.com's collections of launch sites, observatories, space museums, astronomy clubs, planetariums, and more.
  • Moon trees map
  • Mashall Space Flight Center map

X PRIZE CupThis continues a series of stories about a wealth of new space-related content for Google Earth from the Wirefly X PRIZE Cup which is an outdoor space exposition hosting several competitions for some major prizes (including over $2.5 Million from NASA) for space related technology. The event is being held on October 20-21, 2006 (see here for details) at the Las Cruces Airport in New Mexico. It will be a great educational event with rocket launches, NASA exhibits, jets, and more. To help promote the event I have been helping put together some space-related Google Earth content.

See also:

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    Thanks to Frank for putting all the pieces of this fun project together - if anyone finds errant data or has new data they'd like to see added to the Ultimate Space Atlas, they can always email me at jhoch@imaginova.com.

    Jason Hoch
    VP, Internet Operations
    Imaginova (Space.com, LiveScience.com)

    Enviado por: Jason Hoch at 11 de Octubre 2006 a las 12:57 PM

    why it revolves around sun in elliptical path

    Enviado por: bhargav at 2 de Diciembre 2007 a las 02:42 AM

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