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29 de Octubre 2006

News Roundup - Animated 3D, EmerGeo, Altered Oceans, Virtual Airlines

  • Some more examples of using the new GE 4 time feature with 3D models were posted a week ago at the Google Earth Community. The time animation feature is used to create 3D animations in this case. The first one shows how a Russian Soyuz rocket is set up on its launch pad and launches - read instructions here. The second one shows the Rocket Racing League planes flying by an airport - again, read instructions here. Both models were by JP Wade.
  • In another sign of the increasing use of Google Earth by emergency workers, a software application called Emergeo Mapping v2.2 is now supporting GE. Their software is an OpenGIS-based system designed to streamline information flows between first responders in the field and decision-makers in emergency operation centres (EOCs). I think the significance here is the GE is probably an easier to use interface for viewing GIS data, aerial photos, etc. and quickly share them to a wide range of skillsets (instead of requiring everyone to be trained with GIS software).
  • As a sailor, and a citizen of the Earth, I'm very concerned about the changing state of our oceans. The LA Times has published some excellent, and disturbing, series of articles available online here. 'Hill' at the GEC posted some placemarks to accompany the articles which you can read in this thread.
  • In the past I've written about people using Google Earth in combination with flight simulators. Recently, a flight simulator group that runs a virtual airline (they actually fly the same routes as the real airlines in the flight simulator) modeled after Delta Airlines shared some stuff they are doing. First, they've created a Google Maps interface allowing you to see the current position of pilots flying in their virtual airline. They also have a way to show the routes in Google Earth (which includes clouds, day/night view, and other information). If you're into flying, I suggest checking it out.

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