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13 de Octubre 2006

Google Earth Pro - Greatly Improved Value

Google Earth Pro already had some very nice features such as better performance, ability to add polygons and paths, spreadsheet import capabilities, and technical support from Google. But, to get features such as movie making ability you had to spend an additional $200 per module. (NOTE: you don't get better satellite or aerial images - the underlying imagery is the same for all versions of Google Earth). Some GE Pro users just started getting an E-mail like this:

Good news! Your Google Earth Pro subscription has been upgraded. Enjoy these new premium features on us (up to a $600 value):

Movie Maker Module - Record 3D viewer imagery and export movies of tours for websites or presentations.

Premium Printing Module - Save and print at 4800 pixels per inch and print high-resolution images up to 11" x 17".

GIS Data Importer - Incorporate GIS data in .shp or .tab file formats. Examples of data include parcel data, demographics data and 3D building data.

You can use these new features the next time you open Google Earth Pro. Also, our Technical Support options have changed. We've added live chat & email support to replace telephone support.

You can see all the features at the Google Earth Pro features page. via OgleEarth.

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