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12 de Octubre 2006

Google Earth for Educators

It's good to see Google is starting to promote some of their better applications to educators who can really use some of the free applications to enhance knowledge learning. As part of their new push to educators, Google has a page about Google Earth located here. The page includes links to useful materials and even stories from teachers who are using the tool in their classrooms. For quite some time I have been advocating Google Earth as a great tool for many areas of education. I think educators should also review this useful list of Google Earth resources and possible subjects which can use Google Earth. The list also includes references to web sites by educators who are using Google Earth and lesson plans. Also, see an example of some students who recently used Google Earth and made the local (and international - courtesy of GEB) news. So, it goes way beyond just the aerial and satellite photos of Google Earth when it comes to helping students learn about our world. GE does so much more.

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