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24 de Octubre 2006

Cruise Ship Goes Off the Edge of the Earth

[Google just pushed out terrain data which fixed anomalies like the one in this story. So, if you didn't already look, you'll just have to be satisfied with the screenshot here. Now if you load this ship, it's just hanging up in the air. No more "edge of the Earth" at this location.]

[NOTE: you must be using GE 4 to see the cruise ship which you can download here.]

Cruise Ship Crash in Google EarthThis cruise ship ran into a problem while trying to reach a "port" in Kuai, Hawaii. A rather serious disaster in the making - if this was the real Earth. Apparently there are some terrain anomalies in the 3D terrain for Google Earth along this coastline. 'svens' at the Google Earth Community decided to grab a cruise ship model from the Google 3DWarehouse and have a little fun with illustrating the anomaly. If you open the folder on the left for the "Cruise Ship Crash" you can select the "Tour" folder and choose "Tools -> Play Tour" from the GE menu to get a tour of the site. While you're visiting, check out Kuai - it still looks like paradise in the satellite photos in GE.

'svens' says he also wanted to show how easy it is to grab a 3D model and have fun in Google Earth. All you need is the free Google SketchUp and the 3DWarehouse to make your own. Digg it!


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    Don't forget (like I did) to make sure that the "Terrain" layer is selected in the layers list. :) Without it the cruise ship "hangs in the sky in much the same way that bricks don't."

    Enviado por: Victor at 25 de Octubre 2006 a las 03:23 AM

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