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31 de Octubre 2006

Cape Town Travel Guide for Google Earth

Cape Town Magazine Travel Guide in Google EarthCape Town Magazine has released a Google Earth map of Cape Town (and surrounding areas). The map is actually a collection of placemarks showing travel related information such as lodging, dining, night-time entertainment, as well as tourist attractions of this South African city and its surroundings. You can view the Cape Town map here , and there are more placemarks for the surrounding area here . Many of the placemarks have pictures, and usually a link at the bottom to more details at the magazine's web site.

I imagine we will see more local travel magazines start realizing they can use Google Earth in this way to help people learn more about their area. More importantly, I'm sure the magazines will get new traffic from all over the world who will learn about their publication through the GE placemarks. The more informative and useful the placemark collection, the more likely people will view it in Google Earth.


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