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6 de Octubre 2006

Apex Chemical Fire - Up Late Last Night

Apex Chemicial FireWell, it's not often that the area I live near makes the national headline news. Apex, North Carolina had a dangerous chemical fire last night at a plant which handles hazardous materials. The fire raged uncontrolled because firefighters could not get close due to the hazardous fumes. There were apparently barrels of chemicals which exploded in a series of noxious gas spewing bursts. It spread to other nearby industrial buildings which had some fuel tanks which exploded as well. You can see the small street of industrial buildings is right next to a residential community. About 15,000 residents were evacuated from Apex because of the fire. I was up late watching the news which is why I was a couple of hours late writing in the blog today. I was pleased to see our local news WRAL-TV used Google Earth to show the location of the fire, and they have a link to it in Google Maps on their site as well.

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    From looking at the photo on wral.com, it's probably the last building on the north east of this little road. Even the truck at the blue building was in the same position when GE's map image was taken.

    May be useless nitpicking here, but if we demand for sub-meter resolution in the maps.... ;)

    Enviado por: Volker at 7 de Octubre 2006 a las 05:46 AM

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