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2 de Septiembre 2006

Shipwrecks Around the Google Earth

Shipwrecks in Google EarthThe community of millions of Google Earth users are examining the Earth and finding many interesting things. Some people are making hobbies out of finding particular places or objects in the satellite or aerial photos in GE and putting them into collections. Today I was perusing a collection of visible shipwrecks (by visible they mean shipwrecks which are visible in GE). There is a thread of posts at the Google Earth Community which discusses and maintains the collection of visible shipwrecks which is maintained by someone called 'sasroodkapje' from Holland.

This collection not only shows the locations of shipwrecks as placemarks, but some of the placemark descriptions contain closeup photos of the shipwrecks seen from the shore, boats, or from planes. In some cases, links to more information are provided as well.

Check out some other interesting collections:

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