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11 de Septiembre 2006

September 11th Remembered in 3D in Google Earth

WTC under attack in Google EarthI noticed a popular model at the Google 3DWarehouse today was this one showing the World Trade Center buildings under attack viewable in Google Earth. This screenshot is of the GE 4 version, but there is a GE 3 version as well. It is sad to think of the senseless waste of life and material caused by a few misguided individuals - and the resulting increased level of control over everyone's lives to try and protect us from evil insanity. It is hard to believe it has been 5 years already.

[EDIT: added another scene from 9/11] Here is the Pentagon as Flight 77 approached before it crashed into the building. From this post by 'meiradarocha'. Wikipedia on Flight 77.

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    since there is such amazing detail, and hard work put into this, I feel obligated to to mention that it is unfortunately backwards. it illustrates the north tower being hit from the south and west ( the location of the impact hole ) with smoke flowing to the north. In actuality the aircraft came down manhattan island from the north and the smoke billowed ( for a week ) to the south, and slightly west. I was a lower manhattan resident at the time of the attack.

    nice work otherwise.


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