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27 de Septiembre 2006

News Roundup: AppleScript Support, Geotagging Camera, Traffic Accident

  • Craig Stanton - who makes a plug-in I hadn't heard about called iPhotoToGoogleEarth - discovered that the new Google Earth 4 Beta has an undocumented capability to tie AppleScript on the Mac to Google Earth. He has developed a simple GeoTagger for tagging photos using Google Earth on the Mac. Stefan Geens at OgleEarth got very excited about this and has already developed an AppleScript to allow him to control Google Earth through a BlueTooth phone. Check out Stefan's writeup of why this is an important development and see a video of the phone controlling GE.
  • Earlier this week a hardware device called the Jelbert GeoTagger was released. It's a hardware device for automatically geotagging photos with your camera (if you have a flash hotshoe on the top) . You purchase a separate small GPS (like a Garmin 301) to sit on top, and some software like RoboGEO to process the photos into Google Earth. Anyway, OgleEarth has a good review. Here's a sample KML file which shows the locations of photos with directional icons showing which way the photos were taken. (Turn on the road layer to see the streets).
  • Headline News: "Traffic Accident in Belgium Causes Several Kilometer Backup" - see it in Google Earth . This accident was captured in the aerial or satellite photo of this part of Belgium. There are a few incidents like this to be found in GE. via Darkvision Hardware. Real life drama captured in GE. Reminds me of this story of the burning ship. [UPDATE 1005 ET: VirtualGlobeTrotting shows another accident in Germany .]

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