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14 de Septiembre 2006

Interview With Michael Jones - Google Earth Chief Technology Officer

Michael Jones of GoogleGeospatial Solutions' Mary Jo Wagner did an interview of Michael Jones, apparently back in May. Michael was a co-founder of Keyhole Inc. which made the product Google bought that became Google Earth. He is now the Chief Technology Officer of Google Earth. Michael is an excellent speaker and he shares some very interesting insight into Google's perspective about Google Earth. He emphasizes strongly that Google has many indirect benefits from GE that are helping it derive real business profits for its huge investment. He also lists some of the direct ways it is deriving revenue (customers who buy the Plus, Pro and Enterprise versions of GE). Definitely a worthwhile read!

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    Dear Sir,

    This is Fan Mail. Google Earth is fantastic and truly impressive. If I had the time I would spend hours each day at your site.

    It makes us see the world as it is. It gives us perspective and obliges us to think.

    Can you make New Brunswick Canada higher definition by this Christmas.

    Many sincere thanks and congratulations for your great contribution

    Kindest regards

    Gary McLaughlin
    Edmundston, N.B.

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    Google Earth and Climate Change: Google Earth provides a fascinating way to explore the earth remote ecosystems. Few people would imagine that GE has the resolution and detail to monitor ecosystems, but an experienced interpreter can do remarkable things with Google Earth beyond the simple location of houses, urban areas and major landscape features. A 2005 Google Earth visit to one of my old research sites in Manitoba, Canada, showed that Google Earth can be used to approximate the melting rates of permafrost in the boreal. Have a look at http://www.geostrategis.com/p_mapm2.html

    Enviado por: Jean Thie at 6 de Diciembre 2006 a las 08:47 PM

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