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22 de Septiembre 2006

Google Earth Las Vegas

Las Vegas in Google EarthLas Vegas is the most populous city in Nevada. It is best known as the biggest town of gambling casinos anywhere. Google has provided some of its highest resolution photos for Las Vegas (at 3 inches/pixel) (see Luxor example ). You can turn on the "Buildings" layer in Google Earth and see basic 3D buildings for the area. Or, you could load some 3D models of some of the unique casinos like: the Luxor Hotel and Casino, or the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino.

Most areas of the world which are major tourist destinations get a lot of focus from folks in the Google Earth Community who add a placemark and share it with the community (by choosing the "Share/Post" with the community option in GE). Every 3 months or so, Google copies the placemarks people have shared into the Google Earth Community layers in GE (which you can find on the lower left of GE). If you turn on all the GEC layers and look at Las Vegas, you will find all kinds of interesting details about what can be seen in the satellite/aerial photos.

If you're thinking of heading to Las Vegas, you might want to try looking for hotel reservations using Google Earth using EarthBooker. And, for flight arrangements, check out the air fare comparison tool from FareCompare.

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