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15 de Septiembre 2006

Google Earth as a "Flight Simulator"

Flight Sim Flying in Google EarthThe new version of Google Earth 4 Beta now supports controllers. If you already downloaded the new beta a day or two ago (version 4.0.2080 for windows), be aware a new release was made this morning which has a new control feature in the options for controllers. By controllers we're talking things like Joysticks, Flight Yoke/Rudder controls for flight simulators, even racing wheels. I'm not sure if controllers are supported on the Mac as well.

If you have the latest version (Windows 4.0.2091) you can enable the controller in the "Options->Navigation" panel. If you have 4.0.2080, I recommend you go ahead and re-download to get the new version. You also should calibrate your controller using the Windows Control Panel.

In Google Earth, you can turn on the G-Force mode by hitting CTRL-G (note: use CTRL-T to return to normal mouse interaction). You will know if you are in G-Force mode if you have an airplane icon for the mouse pointer. Once you're in G-Force mode, you can use your controller device to fly in Google Earth. With a flight stick controller you can use your yoke to fly like a plane. Unfortunately, with my controller (a Virtual Pilot Pro) the throttle control doesn't control speed. I found some of the buttons on the controller would control speed though. (You can also right click your mouse and move forward and backwards to control speed). But, the pitch and roll works as expected with the yoke. It's a very fun way to fly around in Google Earth. Check it out if you have a controller!

NOTE: If when you first load up the new GE 4 Beta in Google Earth your globe is turning, try calibrating your device or adjusting the trim tabs on your controller to stop the spinning. Then follow the instructions above to test things out.

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    This is awesome! I just have a little Gravis GamePad (like a PS2 controller), but it's loads of fun. Good find!

    Enviado por: Mickey at 15 de Septiembre 2006 a las 03:31 PM

    I did a couple of videos with my logitech gamepad.

    Flying around Barcelona:


    11S WTC terrorist atack reconstruction in Google Earth:


    Enviado por: Marc B. at 15 de Septiembre 2006 a las 08:23 PM

    It would be nice if they added a "cock pit" like interface around the screen. Would make it appear more plane like ya know?

    Enviado por: Justin at 8 de Octubre 2006 a las 10:28 PM

    i like google earth it rocks

    Enviado por: jimmy at 4 de Noviembre 2006 a las 12:06 AM

    well seems to be a good enough find for windows. but what abt linux? have you something for that too?

    Enviado por: harsha at 5 de Noviembre 2006 a las 09:01 PM

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