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18 de Septiembre 2006

Huge German Travel Resource in Google Earth

Fair Hotels Germany Travel Information in Google EarthA very comprehensive travel resource has been developed and posted by Fair-hotels in Germany. I'm surprised I hadn't reviewed their excellent Germany travel information network link, since it was posted at the GE Community back in June. Anyway, using the effiecient view-based network link (which only pulls in a portion of the data based on your view) this collection provides a large set of data (in German) including:

  • 14,000 hotels
  • 5,000 museums
  • 20,000 photos
  • 19,000 Travel information tips
  • 15,000 Speed camera locations for Europe

This is an excellent example of how to provide travel information using Google Earth. GE has built in travel information if you examine the layers in the lower left. Here are some other examples of travel information add-ons available through GE:

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