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8 de Septiembre 2006

CBS News Does Google Earth - Missing Last Step

CBS News in Google EarthHopefully CBS's online news department will read this. A few weeks ago I discovered they had implemented Google Earth KML content for their RSS news feeds. When I first tried it out, I realized they weren't delivering the GE file properly. So, I sent them messages trying to get them to fix it. I had been waiting for them to fix it before I published about it. A few days ago, as part of the big push with Katie Couric as the new anchorwoman, they promoted their impressive array of online news content. OgleEarth also noted CBS messed up with their GE file. CBS web guys - set your mime types! Here's the instructions on what to do. Sheesh!

In the meantime, if you want a fast and easy access to the CBS news, here's the network link off my server. CBS' presentation of the news placemarks are actually done really well. They use nice photos and good brief synopses with links to the full stories. I've been using it fairly regularly during the last couple of months.

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    Flipped on the tube after work today and saw a new episode of "The People's Court", a reality small claims court program which is relativly popular. For the first time that I have seen, they had a large monitor hooked up that displayed a Google Earth image of the site where an accident that was the basis for the case had taken place. The Judge appeared to find the zoomed image a critical peice of evidence in deciding the case. The comment by the narrator as the program went to break was 'Google Earth to Defendant, time for a reality check' or something like that.

    Just found it interesting. I wonder if the technology is being used in regular (not just TV) courtrooms.

    Enviado por: David at 8 de Septiembre 2006 a las 10:01 PM

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