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23 de Septiembre 2006

Capsized Cruise Ship Captured in Google Earth / Maps

Capsized Cruise Ship in Korea in Google EarthCapsized Cruise Ship in Korea
This is a cool discovery which was actually found a few months ago by 'Neutje' at the Google Earth Community. A satellite photo of the port of Pusan, Korea shows a capsized cruise ship laying on its side after it was hit by the 2003 Typhoon Maemi. You can see it in Google Earth or Google Maps, and you can also see this photo of the ship from the ground. Also, here's a news story from China Daily, and one from USA Today. via GoogleMapsMania.

Here are some other examples of interesting things found in Google Earth's aerial/satellite photos:

Enviado por FrankTaylor at 23 de Septiembre 2006 a las 11:48 AM

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    Sweet, thats awesome

    Enviado por: LLLL at 23 de Septiembre 2006 a las 02:39 PM

    We encourage the web site. This site is more wonderful. It helps the tourists, any kind of people

    Enviado por: n.suman at 27 de Septiembre 2006 a las 08:35 AM

    I was checking out the Stratosphere tower in Las Vegas, Nevada, and I found this weird shot of the shadow of the tower, but not tower? Is it me, or does this seem way too strange?


    Enviado por: Jack Patino at 1 de Octubre 2006 a las 02:21 AM

    Yes! I just checked out ground photos of the Stratosphere tower and compared them to the Google Earth satellite photo, and for some reason, the tower is missing! How many other people have caught this?

    Enviado por: Jack Patino at 1 de Octubre 2006 a las 02:30 AM

    I find google earth excellent. I live in Sambalpur, Orissa, India , but the aerial photo of the World famous 'HIRAKUD DAM' is hazy, why???I had asked this question higher, but still waiting for the answer.
    DR.B.SARAF Ph.D.

    Enviado por: bhubaneshwar at 4 de Noviembre 2006 a las 09:30 AM

    Dr. Saraf,

    Remember, GE is made up of lots of images, stitched together. The section that covers the dam appears to be from shots taken in 2003, while Sambalpur is covered by images from 2006 -- the quality is much higher in the later images.

    Enviado por: Ben at 4 de Noviembre 2006 a las 04:04 PM

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