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26 de Septiembre 2006

Ad Campaign for Saturn Aura Uses Google Earth

Over the weekend the New York Times commented on Google teaming up with Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco, an Omnicom Group ad agency, to develop an online multimedia advertising campaign for Saturn's new car the Aura. Monday morning a representative from the ad agency, Hashem Bajwa, wrote E-mails to Stefan at OgleEarth and I. (You can see a copy of what he sent us at OgleEarth.) Here's how the campaign works. You go to Saturn's new web page which presents you with screenshots from Google Earth showing 22 Saturn dealer locations. After choosing the dealer, it loads a video which starts with a Google Earth animation flying you to the dealership from space. When you get close, you see a 3D model of a Saturn dealership and fly in the front door. Then, the local dealer presents you with a video of the new car.

What is interesting is that using Google Earth made it easy for the ad agency to put together 22 different videos showing slick animations tied to each dealer's location. Plus, it can't hurt to be tied to Google's brand right? Anyway, you can watch a sample video here:

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