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25 de Agosto 2006

Track Tropical Storm Ernesto in Google Earth

[UPDATE 31-August-2006 2:30 PM ET: Ernesto is regaining strength over the gulf stream as it approaches the coast of the Carolinas. It is near-hurricane strength as of 2 PM Eastern Time at 70 mph sustained winds.]

Tropical Storm Ernesto in Google EarthThe first Atlantic tropical storm of the season with a real chance to build up to a threat for the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico is moving down hurricane alley right now. You can track the position of Tropical Storm Ernesto using this excellent Hurricane Tracker by 'glooton' which was posted at the Google Earth Community. You can see there are currently two hurricanes posing no threat in the Pacific and Tropical Storm Debby posing no threat in the middle of the Atlantic. There is another hurricane tracker (for Atlantic storms) which shows model forecast tracks, satellite photos, and other data. This was done by Paul Seabury and posted at the GEC as well. Also, check out this and other weather tools put together by Google Earth Blog. Current forecasts show Tropical Storm Ernesto reaching hurricane strength by Monday.

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