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24 de Agosto 2006

News Roundup: Tides, Scientific visualization, Geody, Movie Times

  • Tide Predictions for US - DestinSharks, a boating and fishing blog, has announced an ability to view Tide Stations and Predictions for the US in Google Earth. His file shows 1400 Tide Stations and 2900 sub-stations and allows you to view 3D tide prediction tables for each location.
  • The Marine Geoscience Data System (a research group at Columbia University), has a number of Google Earth files including a map showing all the dive sites of Alvin the deep sea submersible, Earth's tectonic plates , and several others. OgleEarth has got other links and screenshots.
  • Geody is a new location search engine. Enter a name, or coordinates, for a location and it gives you all kinds of methods for viewing. For example: New York, NY can be viewed with Google Earth, NASA WorldWind, Celestia, Google Maps, and Mapquest. You can export a location to a GPX file, Geocaching.com, etc. Also, you can get hotel and other travel information and links to Google and other search engines. What's more, you can search for locations on the Moon, Mars, and other space locations. Very cool!
  • UK Movie Times - Earthware has created this network link which updates daily to show you the movie times for cinemas all over the UK. Check it out!

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