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2 de Agosto 2006

News Roundup - New GE Book, GE and Science, 3D Model, GIS Day, Another Chance

A collection of interesting news:

  • Google Earth for Dummies Book CoverGoogle Earth for Dummies - According to Amazon, this book is coming out on December 11, 2006 by David Crowder.
  • How Google Earth is Changing Science - by Spiegel Online. This article has stirred up some negative comments from OgleEarth and Cartography. But, despite a few inaccuracies, I think its a good article. It correctly points out that an increasing number of scientists are using GE as a presentation tool to help the public understand their geospatially oriented data. See lots of examples of GE and science here.
  • Beebe Windmill - GE 4 3D model - This nicely done 3D model of the windmill in Bridgehampton, New York was found at the GEC here. I like structures whose real-life shadows can be seen in the satellite/aerial photos.
  • National GIS Day - National Geographics Society each year encourages GIS users and vendors to open their doors for a day (this year on November 15, 2006) to the general public to share GIS and mapping technologies. It is part of Geography Awareness Week. Since Google Maps and Google Earth have probably done more to help raise public awareness for mapping and GIS than any other products, I think Google should participate.
  • Last Chance to See - This GE file from the blog Another Chance to See shows some placemarks documenting the travels of famed author Douglas Adams (most famous for "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy") when he wrote his book "Last Chance to See" which focused on endangered animals. Another Chance to See documents current and past information on the endangered animals from the book. The site recently got notice from the Sierra Club. The author of the blog, Gareth Suddes, got some tips on his GE file from GEB.

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