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7 de Agosto 2006

News Roundup - Disease Found, Enterprise, Geb - God of Earth

  • Disease Found in Google Earth - A health services organization in Amsterdam used Google Earth to find the location of the cause of a breakout of Legionnaires' disease in early July. About 30 people were infected and two people died. Apparently the health organization determined a certain kind of "cooling tower" was the cause, and they used Google Earth to look at the rooftops of the buildings in the satellite photos to find which building had that type of cooling tower. Read the details at OgleEarth.
  • Google Earth Enterprise Blog - A Ryan Arp recently started up this new blog covering topics about Google Earth's top-end application: Google Earth Enterprise. In his introductory post he says he found no blogs focused on this space. It will be interesting to learn more about Google Earth's most complex application.
  • GEB - this is the acronym of the Google Earth Blog. What some of you may not realize is that GEB is the name of an ancient Egyptian god - Geb - the God of Earth. You probably won't believe I knew that when I created the blog, and you would be right. :-)

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