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22 de Agosto 2006

New Google 3DWarehouse Design

3DWarehouse for Google EarthGoogle has released a new version of the Google 3DWarehouse. The design and layout borrows a lot of features from Google Video. It has "Popular", "Recent", "Google Picks" on the main page. The new features when you select a model are particularly interesting. When you load a model, which has been placed with Google Earth, you get a Google Maps showing the location of the model. Smart! Another new feature: at the bottom you get an indicator showing model complexity (based on polygon counts).

The 3DWarehouse Network Link has some improvements as well. It allows you to browse Google Earth and find models placed all over the planet (see Google's explanation). When you find a placemark at a location of interest and select it, you get a placemark description which describes the model similar to the interface at the 3DWarehouse. It even includes the model complexity indicator. Also, it appears the network link knows what version of GE you are using and will not show you a model in GE 3 if it only works in GE 4.

This update to the 3DWarehouse has some nice features making it even easier to find models in the 3DWarehouse. Hopefully, this will inspire more people to start sharing their models. Check out the 3DWarehouse now.

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    I miss being able to sort by popularity. I love the google picks though :). mainly because I'm on the front page!! :D

    Enviado por: Xhable at 22 de Agosto 2006 a las 09:53 AM

    I sent them this suggestion, adding Google Maps to their interface, the very day the Warehouse opened, back in April. I posted that in their forum (also opened that day), but my post has disappeared... hummm :-( ... However, I did post about that in my blog and uploaded the interface suggestion to Amy Flickr account.

    Enviado por: Luistxo at 6 de Septiembre 2006 a las 06:48 AM

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