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11 de Agosto 2006

Make Picasa Web Album into a Google Earth File

Moon Trees in Google EarthOne of GEB's readers, Sean Watson, wrote to let us know about a nifty URL-tool which can convert a Picasa Web Album (assuming the Picasa photos have been geotagged - which is easy to do, see a tutorial). This was posted at a Picasa forum and developed by YourMap.com (which has a number of photo geotagging tools and map viewing tools). All you need is your Picasa Web Albums userid and album name and put it in the URL like this:


Once you submit the URL in your browser it passes your album to a program which generates a GE file on the fly with the geotagged photos from the album. Here is an example Picasa Web Album (Note: it may take a minute or two to generate) . Once you have your GE file generated you can save it and share it. Right now the generated file contains what appears to be some debug messages in the placemark descriptions. Obviously it is still under development.

Hopefully, Google will add their own tool and place it in the Picasa Web Album interface to generate KML on the fly from any web album. It's an obvious feature to include.

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