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20 de Agosto 2006

Lost Ladder on Google's Roof

Redux, from a story here one year ago: Some of you may not have seen this. I was browsing the new high resolution data for Google's headquarters in California (also known as: the Googleplex) and noticed someone left a ladder on their roof! I thought this was pretty amusing so I posted a placemark in the GE Community forums. Check out the ladder for yourself. :-)

It turns out I was one of several who posted about the ladder in the forums. Some people added amusing thoughts like: "How do you find a lost ladder at Google? Do a search in Google Earth!" or "Evidence of a Google Crime Scene". By the way, if you turn on the Google Earth Community Layer you will find some other interesting things of note at the Googleplex. My favorite is Google's logo in the bottom of a small pool.

Enviado por FrankTaylor at 20 de Agosto 2006 a las 08:54 AM

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    Can it find my car keys too?

    Enviado por: Xhable at 20 de Agosto 2006 a las 03:02 PM

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