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28 de Agosto 2006

Linking Songs to Location in Google Earth

The Tragically Hip in Google EarthSomeone at the Google Earth Community posted a collection of placemarks based on locations mentioned in the lyrics of songs. In this case, the songs are by a group called The Tragically Hip. The poster, 'Wyman', indicated he thought this group "...are modern lyrical landscape artists in the way that many of their songs make use of stories, symbols and places, many of which can be geo-referenced". He confined each song to one location even if multiple locations were mentioned. Each placemark appears to use an Album cover for the icon.

This idea of tying songs to location is an interesting concept to me. I'd be interested to see songs from classic groups like the Beatles done in this way in Google Earth. If anyone knows of other collections based on music lyrics, let me know. Wyman indicated he got the idea from an earlier GEB post about the Canadian artists the Group of Seven.


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