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21 de Agosto 2006

Lighthouses of New Zealand in Google Earth

Lighthouses of New Zealand in Google EarthThis nice collection of placemarks documenting lighthouses around the coast of New Zealand also serves as a good tour of this beautiful, and sometimes rugged, country. Since New Zealand just received significant high resolution satellite photography back in June, many of you may not have looked at these areas. The placemarks have photographs of the lighthouses when available, and include geographical and physical descriptions as well. This collection was posted by 'NormB' at the Google Earth Community.

Back in May, both Australia and New Zealand got more detailed road data in Google Maps. Normally it is only a short time before Google Earth and Maps synchronize. But, for some reason the road layer in Google Earth is still very sparse for both these countries.

One other thing, you can also tour Middle Earth while in New Zealand.

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    I love new zealand!! Someday I'll live in queenstown!!

    Enviado por: xavier at 24 de Noviembre 2007 a las 06:08 AM

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