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21 de Agosto 2006

Jane Goodall Gombe Chimpanzee GeoBlog V2.0

Jane Goodall Gombe Chimpanzee Blog/Geoblog in Google EarthEarlier this year the Jane Goodall Institute became the first blog to provide their geographically tagged blog entries using exclusively Google Earth's KML file format with the Gombe Chimpanzee Blog. Each blog entry was a placemark with pictures, text, and links sometimes to other content. But, you still had to go to the blog to download each blog entry's KML file.

Now the Gombe Chimpanzee Blog has come out with a major update for Google Earth users. Not only that, but Google recently updated the area with a nice high resolution sateillite photo. The new blog entries are enhanced with snazzy formatting to provide an almost web-page quality to the placemark description. (I've noticed some flashing problems when these placemark descriptions load on Windows XP - especially if you move the mouse. But, they still look really nice). Part of the new design includes a side bar with links to a lot of other information you can load. For example:

  • Blog archives - now you can load the entire archives of geoblog entries as a KML file. The older entries are in the new format if you use this file.
  • Chimp Bios - these placemark descriptions sometimes include links to Quicktime videos of the chimp
  • Gombe Flyover - Note: if you are not using the default tilt angle in GE you may need to adjust it higher due to the terrain

They also have other files showing the watersheds, streams, trails, and roads. By the way, their roads layer provide roads for all of Tanzania.

News of this update came via OgleEarth who says that Bryce Tugwell is the guy who made these excellent updates to the Gombe Chimpanzee Blog. Great work!

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