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30 de Agosto 2006

Hurricane John Threatens West Mexico Coastline

Hurricane John in Google EarthThere's a category 4 storm (117 knots/ 216kph / 134 mph winds) called Hurricane John in the east Pacific just off the coast of Mexico. The storm's forecasted path takes it northwest along the coast line towards Cabo San Lucas before it may veer to the open sea westward. You can track Hurricane John in near real-time (updates every 10 minutes) in Google Earth by using this excellent storm tracker . It shows current storms worldwide, the track of each storm, it's forecasted path, satellite photos, radar, and even shows web cams at towns near the path of the storm. This tool was developed by 'glooton' and posted at the Google Earth Community.

Meanwhile, East Asia needs to keep an eye on the Super Typhoon called Ioke which is a category 5 storm (155 mph winds) between Hawaii and Japan right now.

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