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11 de Agosto 2006

Google Releases Regionator - Useful Code for Google Earth

Google has released source code for a tool they call "Regionator". The code will enable developers to more rapidly develop interfaces to large databases of placemarks, images, and other data with KML 2.1 and the new GE 4. Presumably it takes advantage of the new level of detailing features and view based refreshes so only the data which is needed for the current view is presented. This should enable whole-Earth historic maps, more accurate local information overlays from GIS servers, new sets of aerial/satellite photography, and higher-precision scientific data to be shared with Google Earth. Hopefully, by releasing this source code, we will see even more exciting new visualizations in Google Earth.

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    Several important points:

    - It's not a tool. It's a collection of scripts that illustrate how it is possible to generate region-based KML. There is no GUI, not much error-checking, etc. etc.

    - Our hope is that for those who want to create tools, then Regionator will prove very useful. The implementation of region-based KML is immensely powerful, and there are very many inefficient/non-optimal/wrong ways to generate it. There are fewer right ways to do it, and Regionator exemplifies several of them.

    - It's not supported, but if you post your thoughts over in the KML forum at bbs.keyhole.com, you might find the cure for what ails ya...

    Enviado por: Michael Ashbridge at 11 de Agosto 2006 a las 10:53 AM

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