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17 de Agosto 2006

Google Maps for Mobile Now Supports Google Earth KML

Google Maps for Mobile supports Google Earth KMLGoogle has announced that Google Maps for Mobile (for your cell phone) now supports KML files (just like Google Maps started doing in June). This means you can access collections of placemarks into your phone when you need them. There are some limitations...the Google Maps for Mobile support is pretty much limited to just placemarks. And large collections will probably not work either. Apparently this new capability for Google Maps for Mobile was announced as part of some PR surround the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. (Google already was running a 3D model contest for that show). First the flip phone looks like a Star Trek communicator, then we get Uhuru-like blue-tooth earpieces. What next? Google Earth tricorders of course! via GoogleMapsMania (which has some details on how to use the new application).

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