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1 de Agosto 2006

Google Earth Team Recognized for Hurricane Katrina Help

Hurricane Katrina Imagery in Google EarthLast year the Google Earth Team contributed to the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts in a very unique fashion. They worked with Red Cross, NOAA, FEMA, and other government organizations to provide aerial imagery (and other data), taken after the hurricane hit, inside of Google Earth just a few days after the devastating hurricane hit. Because GE is so easy to use, not only did the relief organizations use this imagery to help assess damage, but also the citizens of the damaged areas were quick to realize they could see what damage may have occurred to their homes (since due to the evacuations they were not able to return for quite some time). The GE team did a phenomenal job considering the amount of work involved in georeferencing thousands of new photos and creating methods for users to view the data quickly and easily.

Last week the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (one of the top US government mapping and GIS organizations) presented the "Hurricane Katrina Recognition Award" to the Google Earth team, as well as the Google Enterprise and Global Support groups, for their direct support during the Katrina disaster. Read the details in the Official Google Blog. They did a great job!

Here is a summary of some of the resources provided by Google for Hurricane Katrina. And here is a reverse chronological listing of stories written about Hurricane Katrina by the Google Earth Blog as the events happened.

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