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14 de Agosto 2006

Campus Maps with 3D Buildings in Google Earth

Saint Francis University campus map in Google EarthAnother campus map has been developed as a Google Earth map showing the locations of administrative and student buildings (posted by 'OneBoy'). Saint Francis University is a Catholic Liberal Arts University located on 600 acres in Loretto, Pennsylvania. Since the satellite photos in this area of GE are low resolution, the map provides an aerial photo showing more detail of the campus. Also provided are two sets of 3D models. If you are using GE 4, I suggest you open the Models folder and use the "High-Res" models which will actually run faster.

Bowdoin College, which first announced a GE map in April, has recently updated their campus map to add 3D buildings as well.

And finally, Laval University also has simple 3D buildings on their campus map .

I'm surprised more universities, especially high tech ones like MIT and Stanford, haven't announced Google Earth campus maps as well.

Enviado por FrankTaylor at 14 de Agosto 2006 a las 07:30 AM

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    I'd like my university more if they did fun things like this once in a while rather than spending time redesigning the campus to make it more ugly.

    Enviado por: PessiMister at 14 de Agosto 2006 a las 08:45 AM

    The model of St. Francis University was done by a grad assistant working at the University, Jon Miller. It's not quite a finished piece of work yet, but it's cool that you picked it up!

    Enviado por: Mike at 14 de Agosto 2006 a las 12:42 PM

    There are some building of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (or ETH from its german name) available on the 3D Warehouse. The whole Hnggerberg (out of town) campus is there, as well as one of the in-town buildings.

    Enviado por: Timtom at 14 de Agosto 2006 a las 12:58 PM

    We have just launched the 1st Australian interactive Google property map (http://www.sellhouse.com.au) It is powered by the proprietary geocoding system. It is amazing that people spend 3.5 times more time browsing properties on the map than via the old search system

    Enviado por: Andy at 15 de Agosto 2006 a las 04:55 AM

    The Saint Francis University map is now "official" and lives at:

    Check it out!

    Enviado por: Mike at 13 de Octubre 2006 a las 01:53 PM

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