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22 de Agosto 2006

3D Luxor Hotel in Google Earth

Luxor Hotel and Casino in Google EarthWhile perusing the new Google 3DWarehouse, I discovered this really nice looking 3D model of the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Note: make sure you do NOT have the "3D Buildings" layer turned on in GE). I really like the Sphinx in front of the pyramid hotel in this model. This gives you an opportunity to look at the really high resolution (3 inches per pixel) photos of this area of Las Vegas. Turn off the model and look at the photo of the Luxor - if you zoom in close to the hotel you can see the reflections of trees, bushes and cars. You can also see people and cars around the hotel. According to the 3DWarehouse this hotel 3D model was posted by Google.

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