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25 de Agosto 2006

3D 747 Airliner on Approach at Maho Beach in Google Earth

Maho Beach 747 on final in Google EarthYou have probably already seen pictures and videos of giant airliners landing just a few feet above Maho Beach at Princess Juliana Airport in St. Maarten. They have been circulating the net in forums, blogs, and E-mail for years. Maho Beach is located only a few feet from the end of the runway. Google released high resolution satellite photos for this area (and most of the Caribbean) back in June. I downloaded a 747 Sketchup model from the Google 3DWarehouse and placed it on final approach in Google Earth. Check out the scene here in Google Earth (GE 4 Beta required). TIP: Use the middle mouse button to rotate around the scene. Unfortunately, this plane is missing it's landing gear so the landing will be a bit scary. :-)

Look at some amazing photos of actual planes landing here, and here is a video of a 747 landing at Maho Beach:

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    Nice. Call it a nit pick, but would be nice if he had gear and flaps deployed for landing though.

    Enviado por: gm at 28 de Agosto 2006 a las 12:01 PM


    for real air traffic (mostly europe and australia at this stage) check out http://www.openatc.com viewable in google earth.


    - Balt

    Enviado por: Balt at 6 de Septiembre 2006 a las 04:01 AM

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