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5 de Julio 2006

Tribute to Canadian Group of Seven Artists in Google Earth

Group of Seven Canadian Artists in Google EarthA nice collection of placemarks has been posted by someone called Dorseyland at the Google Earth Community. The collection provides interesting information, and pictures of paintings, illustrating the key places in the lives of Canada's most famous artists known as the Group of Seven. I recommend reading Dorseyland's post here for more background, but here's a brief synopsis of what he has created: In the early 1900's seven artists got together in their spare time to paint the Canadian north and subequently greatly influenced the art of Canada. The Group of Seven Google Earth file contains locations in the lives of these artists and pictures of their paintings. The collection also documents the life of an artist named Tom Thomson who inspired the artists before and after he died under "mysterious circumstances". There's a link in the post to a collection of scans to paintings from the Group of 7 here. This is an excellent example of putting a story tied to locations in Google Earth and documenting with information, links, and photos. Good job Dorseyland! Thanks to Hill at the GEC for bringing this to my attention.


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