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1 de Julio 2006

Sailing Adventures and Anchorages of the Caribbean

Tobago Cays in Google EarthLast summer I spent some time documenting in Google Earth the sailing adventures of my family on our catamaran PatiCat from 2001 through 2003. Check out this new version of the collection of anchorages and passages from Cape Town, the Caribbean, the US East Coast, Bermuda, and the Bahamas. Make sure you click on the anchorage placemarks. Google recently updated many of the tropical islands with high resolution satellite photos, and in many cases you can see the glorious beaches, coral, and boats at anchor. Many of the placemarks include a photo from that location, and links to the web site which documented the visit to that location with many more photos. The passages are marked with different colors indicating a particular passage between locations.

I first released this collection last fall, but with the new high resolution photos of the areas, and the addition of photos to the placemarks, it seemed like a good time to republish the collection. Hopefully some of you sailors out there will especially enjoy it. The screenshot is of one of my favorite anchorages: Tobago Cays, in the Grenadines. Here is the original post on Google Earth Blog which provides more details on how the GE file was created.

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