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6 de Julio 2006

News Roundup

Panoramio Photos in Google EarthSeveral things of interest are in my queue, so here is a roundup:

  • Updated Plane ID Chart - Cyclonic, who maintains the planes in flight database, has updated the plane ID chart.
  • Panoramio - This really nice web site for georeferencing and sharing photos has added a cool new feature. You can "suggest new location" when you see photos which have been placed incorrectly. They also support photos which are already geotagged in the EXIF data (for example, the new Picasa beta lets you Geotag with Google Earth and stores the info in EXIF data inside the photo file). Photos already geotagged this way are automatically put on the map in Panoramio.
  • Dell launches IT service using Google Earth Pro - I've been waiting for a screenshot, but it hasn't been forthcoming. Dell announced last week it will offer a way to track service calls for large enterprise accounts using GE to visualize locations.
  • Plane underwater - Just thought this satellite photo showing a plane underwater (possibly a drug smuggler) was cool. Posted here.
  • Proposed High Speed Rails - These new rails in northern California have been proposed by Architecture 21 according to this trainblog.
  • Sharing observational data using Google Earth - Jeremy Cothran, of University of South Carolina, has posted a kind of white paper to encourage observation systems (sensor webs) to use KML. Here's a real example he did I wrote about in April.
  • Google Helps Tour de France - Google is hosting and provided assistance to the official TdF 2006 web site to show routes of the 20 stages of the TdF. They borrowed work (with permission) from this effort, but for some reason haven't implemented the really cool live tracking capability yet.

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    I also tagged the DC3 here (http://bbs.keyhole.com/ubb/showthreaded.php?Cat=&Board=EarthTransportation&Number=481885&Searchpage=1&Main=481885&Words=sunken+dc3&topic=&Search=true#Post481885). While it sank in the early 80s, it is in fact a DC3

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