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15 de Julio 2006

News Roundup

Pirates of the Caribbean in Google Earth

  • Disney has a promotional web site for "Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest" which uses Google Earth. The Google Earth file does very little but put up a custom photoshopped map of fictional islands from the movie and link you back to their web site for sound clips, movie clips, and pictures. The islands look just like normal aerial photos in Google Earth. However, they put the map in the Bahamas, not the heart of the Caribbean. But, its still fun. via OgleEarth.
  • Another Tour de France live tracker is available called RouteFocus Live. This one only works if you have the latest GE 4 BETA and Windows. It requires you to install an application which runs in a separate window. I prefer the network link approach which works on all platforms and doesn't require installing an application.
  • 'Gerardo64' has posted instructions on how to make your own GeoRSS newsfeed for Google Earth . This uses a service from GeoNames.org which georeferences an RSS feed by examining the content for key locations (e.g. if "Chicago" is mentioned most it would tie the story to the coordinates for Chicago) . Here is an example of an RSS feed for top stories on Tour de France from Google News. This is similar to the network link by Daden Consulting called NewsGlobe written about at GEB last fall. via OgleEarth.
  • Palestinian villages that existed before the 1948 war were mapped for Google Earth and posted in February by a Palestinian at the Google Earth Community a few months ago. Recently a Jewish online news source wrote a suprisingly moderate story about the thread. See the map for yourself, and read the comments in the post thread. Thanks to Frank McVey for the tip.

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    "However, they put the map in the Bahamas, not the heart of the Caribbean. But, its still fun. via OgleEarth"

    They put it in the Bahamas because that is where the movie was shot and also if you read a history book on piracy you would find the Bahamas is the undisputed center or worldwide piracy.

    Enviado por: J. Miller at 15 de Julio 2006 a las 03:05 PM

    Actually, Tortuga near Haiti (as mentioned in the films) is often referred to as a center of piracy - and while close to the Bahamas is not actually in them...if you savvy? :-)

    Here's the location of Tortuga (in Google Maps):


    And, according to Wikipedia the two sequels were shot in the Caribbean as well:

    "Filming began on February 28, 2005, with locations once again in the Costa Alegre, in Jalisco (Mexico) and Barrouallie, St. Vincent... Dominica as well as The Bahamas."


    Enviado por: Frank Taylor at 15 de Julio 2006 a las 03:42 PM

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