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17 de Julio 2006

New Environment and Conservation Forum for Google Earth Community

New GEC forumGoogle recently added a new "Environment and Conservation" forum to the Google Earth Community. Over the weekend, the moderators have apparently made an effort and transferred dozens of relevant threads from other forums into this forum. There are many interesting relevant posts now, including some written about here at the Google Earth Blog (see "Related" below). Also, Google says in the announcement post, that:

If you have ideas about data layers and/or imagery that would be useful for Google to publish in order to aid conservation efforts, this is the place to speak up.

Speaking of environmental issues - read this article from NetNewsAsia which shows a satellite view from Google Earth of Laguna de Bay in the Phillipines which is apparently a lake subject to many forms of pollution.


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    Unrelated but the entire Chicagoland region aerials have been updated to early 2005 photos. The surrounding 6 counties in Illinois photos are used in various engineering industries such as mine from this site http://www.isgs.uiuc.edu/nsdihome/webdocs/cua05/index.html. There are a lot of details about the photos on that site, Illinois Natural Resources. We used them daily for engineering purposes and now google has finally update their chicago photos with these new aerials. Enjoy

    Enviado por: Joeynach at 17 de Julio 2006 a las 12:13 PM

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