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25 de Julio 2006

Make US$100 from Google

Google Earth logoGoogle is conducting another useability study for Google Earth and offering to pay you US$100 in American Express Gift checks if you are invited to spend 90 minutes in the study between August 1 and August 8 in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is similar to the study being conducted in Paris, France. Apparently the study takes 30 minutes less in the US so they are paying only US100 whereas they are getting 100 Euros (about US$126) in France. If you are interested in being considered for the San Francisco study go to this web page and follow the instructions to submit your name. Turn that hobby of looking at aerial/satellite photos into a profession!

Enviado por FrankTaylor at 25 de Julio 2006 a las 02:59 PM

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    Very good!

    Enviado por: comgeo at 26 de Julio 2006 a las 12:16 AM

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