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14 de Julio 2006

Google Earth Newsletter "Sightseer" for July Released

Google Earth logoGoogle Earth published its Sightseer newsletter last night. It's been a while since their last issue (December), which they acknowledge. But, they say they have been busy - which is quite true. They list a fair amount of the big announcements during the last 6 months and have several other stories of interest. There's a "Where in the World" contest (a photo from somewhere on the Earth) which, if you guess right, you can win a free copy of Google Earth Plus. There are several interesting KMLs to look at, and they even link to GEB! Here is a link to the posted version of the newsletter at the Google Earth Community.

If you want to get the newsletter E-mailed to you in the future, the next time you download Google Earth, sign up for the Sightseer. Here's a link to the Sightseer forum where you can read some of the previous issues.

[EDIT 1325: Added link to the posted version of the newsletter]

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